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Benjamin Blackett's greatest passion is leading women ages 30 – 55 who are feeling stuck in relationships or their professional lives through proven, reliable, and repeatable steps that empower them to live vibrant, abundant and love-filled lives. He is the founder of A Creative Healing Place, a Life Mastery Consultant, TranscenDance™️ Facilitator and Transformational Adventure Retreat Leader. Benjamin has shared the stage with Mary Morrissey, Jennifer Jimenez, and Jack Canfield. A 2x Internationally best-selling author, he has been featured on CBS News, ABC, NBC, and FOX. Now he is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live empowered lives that help spread peace throughout the world by 2033.

Benjamin’s pedigree is an incredible curiosity. Tracing backwards in time from this very day: his sister is a wonderfully talented artist, his great grandfather invented supermarkets for all intents and purposes, Great Grandfather (x4) gave Paul Revere a ride across the Charles River in Boston, his family designed and built the dome of the Massachusetts Statehouse, and their family crest is emblazoned above Fanueil Hall in Boston. Cherry on top… this is the same family that invented fire extinguishers.

Why is any of this relevant? Well, it has everything to do with his journey. Benjamin was born into a family of helpers, guardians, advocates and allies. Besides his work as an international Life Mastery Consultant, we can only describe him as a polymath of progress: teaching Reiki, French, and TranscenDance™ as well. Simply put, he has moved so many because he gives so much, pouring everything into his work for a panoramic approach to change.

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